Gypsum Plastering

Gypsum plaster is among the most commonly used building material. It is also known as the plaster of Paris. It basically includes features which are quite similar to cement or mortar. Gypsum, a naturally occurring mineral, is heated to 300 degree Fahrenheit and it is then mixed with water. This process produces a soft and pliable paste which hardens as it cools. As this building material is soft and easy to manipulate even after it is cured, it is widely used for aesthetic purposes.

The use of this building material can be traced back to many centuries. Due to its ingrained features, plaster of Paris is used as a building material as it proves to be fire-resistant. Apart from this feature, this plastering material has a wide range of uses and applications.

Uses And Applications:


One of the most common materials used to make sculptures and statues is gypsum plaster. As the material can be used for precise and fine working in sculptures and statues, it was popularly used since the period of renaissance. It can also be used over a metal frame in statues and sculptures.


It is widely used as orthopedic casts as it helps to heal, support and protect broken bones. It is also used in various other fields of medicine such as dentistry. It is used to create models of dentures for advanced dental work.

Gypsum products are used for various other purposes too. It is widely used in agricultural fields as it helps to loosen dense clayey soil. It helps to condition the soil and therefore it is used as an agricultural fertilizer. It also enhances the growth of crops in the agricultural fields.

It is used in several other fields as it can be added to cement to reduce its setting speed during construction. Engineers also prefer to use it as a binding product during construction.

Food grade gypsum is used to bind food products such as tofu. Another form of this plaster is the blackboard chalk which finds wide applications. Drywall or Sheetrock also contains this material and it is available in a huge range of thicknesses and sizes so that it can be used for various applications. It is also ideal as a building material as it helps to resist molds, fungi and moisture.

It is also used to install tiles and other flooring materials as it has the power to bind surfaces together. It is essential to use these materials with care and caution as it could pose a serious health risk if it is used inappropriately. The reaction between plaster and water can release large amount of heat which can prove to be quite dangerous. Therefore improper usage can cause severe burns.

Gypsum plaster can be bought through online stores as there are various reputed dealers who offer products at attractive price rates. It is available in different forms which include powder, sheets and so forth. There are products which are specifically manufactured for cosmetic industries too.